CASS is a counselling and support service that was designed to support neurodiverse people with e.g. autism and ADHD traits and to assist their families, friends, teachers and other supporters who are quite often some of the most essential lines of guidance and assistance.


At CASS we believe everyone has the natural ability to realise their full potential and to pursue what is fundamentally best for themselves.


We also understand however, that the many hurdles of life can often stand in the way of variously different abilities to navigate these challenges and emotional wellbeing can suffer as a result.

At CASS we take an integrative approach to counselling, this is slightly uncomfortable 'technical language' for something really very understandable: rejecting many decades of standard psychoanalytical models that set out to inform someone of 'who they are' we seek instead  to go on a journey with our clients to explore their  full potential.

As an additional service to counselling we also offer mentoring/befriending. This is more about buddying-up, not fixing anything as such.  Our mentors are therefore the person whenever a person is needed. This is a great way for  people on the spectrum to socialise and learn new skills in a safe and supported enviroment, helping them to feel more confident and supported.

We have counsellors operating across the South East of England Face to Face and work with clients through SKYPE and WhatsApp all across the the UK and will soon be offering face to face  , and can supply office appointments, video/audio calls and text exchanges. Although we do not currently have counsellors able to operate outside the English language we do have English speaking clients who use the CASS service from outside the UK.

  CASS Counselling & Autism Spectrum Support Community Interests Company 

Company Number: 10771904